How do you work with clients?

I begin with a complimentary consultation to introduce myself, get to know you and assess the scope of the project at hand. On some projects, I work side by side with the client; on other jobs, the client prefers not to be involved. The nature of the project typically informs and dictates how the work will get done.


Do I have to clean up before you come to my house?

NO, please don’t! I need to see the problem area in all its cluttered glory in order to provide an accurate estimate and plan for remedy. Don’t worry, I promise you I have seen worse!


Frequently asked questions about services
offered by Out of the Closet home organizers
in Columbus, Ohio






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What happens to the stuff we get rid of?

There are many options for disposing of your stuff! We can donate it, consign it or recycle it. I have a list of places and organizations that want and will put your stuff to good use. On most projects, stuff can be removed that day.


Do you install shelving or closet systems?

No: I work with existing space only. However, I do recommend, purchase and assemble free-standing shelving. I can recommend customized closet installment companies and products.


How do I get supplies for my project?

I shop for supplies based on my experience and your budget. I do not charge for time spent shopping but will mark up the price of items you decide to buy. You are under no obligation to purchase what I recommend. I am happy to use what supplies you may already have on hand if they suit the task.


I do not want to spend any money on supplies;
will you still take the job?



How do you charge?

I charge by the hour.

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