Cathi Du Puy



Are you wondering how I came to be a professional home organizer in Columbus, Ohio?


I started my business over 15 years ago without even realizing it. A friend needed help preparing for a visit from her mother. “Sure,” I said, “but why me?” My friend laughed and asked if I knew how compulsively neurotic I was about order and organization.


In fact, I did know—I had been teased about it my whole life. My German grandmother's idea of bonding with me was to say “Catherine Anne, it’s time to clean out the kitchen drawers.” What I didn’t know was that my so-called neuroses were really skills in disguise. I assumed that other people chose not to indulge their inner organizational genie, or at least they didn’t particularly care about it the way I did. I wasn't aware that there were people desperately undone and overwhelmed by their stuff.


So, I helped my friend and her mother complimented her. Before I knew
it, I had a line of friends at my door asking me to do the same for them!

Since then, I have helped over 150 clients throughout the Columbus metropolitan area and traveled with a few of them to organize their second homes.


I firmly believe that anyone can become more organized and, that in doing so, their lives will become richer and less stressful. Think of me as a personal trainer for your belongings. They need me.




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