Tips & suggestions for organizing your
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If you are overwhelmed or undone by the clutter you face, consider allowing your decisions to be steered by the wisdom found in the following thoughts and guidelines.


What is CLUTTER?

  • things you do not use or love
  • things that are untidy or disorganized
  • too many things in too small a space
  • anything unfinished


—Karen Kingston, Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui



How do I know if I should keep a particular item?

  • Have I used this item in the past year?
  • Will this item be needed on a DEFINITE date in the future?
  • Does this item serve a worthwhile purpose or bring joy
    to my life or work?
  • Would it be difficult or expensive for me to replace this item?
  • Is this item worth the space it takes up?


—Julie Morgenstern, Organizing From The Inside Out



Six simple rules to maintain a clutter-free space:

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One In, One Out

Get a new coffee mug, donate an old coffee mug.

Files Not Piles

Paper should be stored vertically not horizontally.

Stacks Distract

Things stacked about the house become an unpleasant landscape that the eye cannot ignore.


Not just a rally cry for the Buckeyes, but a reminder to "only handle it once." Focus, decide and complete.

Do Before Due
Due dates are not as important as do dates. Nothing replaces the discipline required to dig in and do the work!





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